How Many Featured Songs Does Nicki Minaj Have?

How Many Featured Songs Does Nicki Minaj Have?

When it comes to dominating the music industry, few artists can match the success and influence of Nicki Minaj. With her unique style and powerful performances, she has become one of the most prominent figures in the world of hip-hop and pop music.

Not only has she released numerous hit singles as a solo artist, but she has also collaborated with various artists on featured songs. Let’s dive into how many featured songs Nicki Minaj has contributed to.

Exploring Nicki Minaj’s Featured Songs

To get a comprehensive understanding of Nicki Minaj’s featured songs, we need to delve into her extensive discography. Throughout her career, she has lent her talents to a wide range of artists and genres.

The Early Years

In the early stages of her career, Nicki Minaj began making waves in the music industry with collaborations that showcased her incredible rap skills. Some notable early featured songs include:

  • “BedRock” – a collaboration with Young Money Entertainment featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, and Lloyd.
  • “Monster” – a critically acclaimed track by Kanye West featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver, and of course, Nicki Minaj.
  • “Bottoms Up” – a high-energy collaboration with Trey Songz that became a hit on the charts.

Mainstream Success

As Nicki Minaj’s popularity soared, so did the number of featured songs she contributed to. Her unique blend of rap and pop sensibilities made her a sought-after collaborator for both established artists and up-and-coming musicians. Some standout featured songs from this period include:

  • “Bang Bang” – a chart-topping collaboration with Jessie J and Ariana Grande that became an anthem of female empowerment.
  • “Swalla” – a catchy track by Jason Derulo featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj, which garnered millions of streams.
  • “Rake It Up” – a collaboration with Yo Gotti that showcased Nicki’s fierce rap skills.

Recent Collaborations

Even in recent years, Nicki Minaj continues to make waves with her featured songs. Whether she’s teaming up with fellow rap icons or experimenting with new sounds, her collaborations are always highly anticipated. Some noteworthy recent featured songs include:

  • “Hot Girl Summer” – a summer anthem by Megan Thee Stallion featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign that became a viral sensation.
  • “Say So (Remix)” – a remix of Doja Cat’s hit single that propelled both artists to new heights on the charts.
  • “Tusa” – a bilingual collaboration with Karol G that topped international charts and showcased Nicki’s versatility.


In conclusion, Nicki Minaj has had a prolific career when it comes to featured songs. From her early collaborations to her recent hits, she has left an indelible mark on the music industry. With each new collaboration, she continues to showcase her versatility as an artist and solidify her status as one of the most influential figures in contemporary music.

So next time you’re exploring Nicki Minaj’s discography, don’t forget to check out her featured songs as well. You’re sure to discover new tracks that highlight her incredible talent and leave you wanting more.