How Many Diamond Plaques Does Cardi B Have?

Cardi B, the Grammy-winning rapper, has achieved immense success in the music industry. Her rise to fame has been nothing short of extraordinary, and her talent has earned her numerous accolades, including diamond plaques.

But just how many diamond plaques does Cardi B have? Let’s take a closer look.

The Meaning Behind Diamond Plaques

Before we delve into the number of diamond plaques Cardi B possesses, let’s understand what they represent. Diamond plaques are awarded to musicians who have sold over 10 million copies or streams of a single or album. This prestigious recognition is a testament to an artist’s commercial success and popularity.

Cardi B’s Diamond Plaques

Cardi B burst onto the music scene with her debut single “Bodak Yellow” in 2017, which quickly became a smash hit. This infectious track dominated the charts and propelled Cardi B into stardom. It comes as no surprise that “Bodak Yellow” achieved diamond status and earned Cardi B her first diamond plaque.

Since then, Cardi B has continued to release chart-topping hits and successful albums. Her debut studio album “Invasion of Privacy,” released in 2018, was an instant hit among fans and critics alike.

The album spawned several smash hits like “I Like It” and “Money.” With millions of copies sold worldwide, “Invasion of Privacy” secured multiple diamond plaques for Cardi B.

Some Notable Diamond Hits

  • Bodak Yellow: This breakout single not only achieved diamond status but also reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  • I Like It: A collaboration with Bad Bunny and J Balvin, this catchy track earned Cardi B another diamond plaque and topped the charts in several countries.
  • Money: Cardi B’s solo hit “Money” also achieved diamond status, showcasing her ability to dominate the charts on her own.

The Current Count

As of now, Cardi B boasts an impressive number of diamond plaques. With her debut single “Bodak Yellow” and her debut album “Invasion of Privacy,” she has accumulated a total of three diamond plaques. This is a remarkable achievement for any artist, especially considering how quickly Cardi B rose to fame.


Cardi B’s success in the music industry is undeniable, and the number of diamond plaques she has received reflects her incredible commercial achievements. With three diamond plaques under her belt, Cardi B continues to dominate the charts and captivate audiences worldwide with her unique style and talent.

Whether you’re a fan or simply admire her journey, it’s clear that Cardi B’s impact on the music industry will be felt for years to come.