How Many Albums Does Cardi B Have Out?

Cardi B is a renowned American rapper and songwriter who has taken the music industry by storm. With her unique style, captivating lyrics, and magnetic personality, she has gained a massive fan following in a short span of time.

One of the things that fans often wonder about is how many albums Cardi B has released so far. Let’s dive into her discography and find out!

Cardi B’s Album Discography

Cardi B has released 2 studio albums as of 2021. These albums have showcased her growth as an artist and have received critical acclaim and commercial success.

1. Invasion of Privacy (2018)

Invasion of Privacy is Cardi B’s debut studio album, which was released on April 6, 2018.

It features a mix of hip-hop, trap, and Latin influences, showcasing Cardi B’s versatility as an artist. The album includes chart-topping hits like “Bodak Yellow,” “I Like It,” and “Be Careful.” Invasion of Privacy received widespread praise from critics and won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2019.

2. Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 & 2 (2016-2017)

Gangsta Bitch Music is not technically considered a studio album but rather a mixtape series released prior to Cardi B’s mainstream success. The series consists of two volumes: Gangsta Bitch Music Vol.

1 (2016) and Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2 (2017). These mixtapes helped Cardi B gain popularity in the hip-hop community before she signed with a major record label.

Upcoming Projects

Aside from her existing albums, Cardi B has mentioned that she is working on new music. While no official release dates have been announced, fans are eagerly anticipating her next project. It’s safe to say that Cardi B’s future releases will continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

In Conclusion

Cardi B currently has 2 studio albums to her name, with Invasion of Privacy being her debut album and Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 & 2 serving as mixtapes.

Her discography showcases her evolution as an artist and her ability to create chart-topping hits. As Cardi B continues to dominate the music industry, we can expect more exciting projects from this talented rapper in the future.