How Long Did Nicki Minaj and Nas Date?

When it comes to celebrity relationships, fans are always curious to know the details. One such relationship that had the media buzzing was the romance between Nicki Minaj and Nas. These two talented artists sparked dating rumors in 2017, leaving fans eager to know more about their love story.

The Beginnings of Their Relationship

Nicki Minaj and Nas first met back in 2012 when they collaborated on her track “Right By My Side.” Their chemistry was evident in the music video, but it wasn’t until five years later that romance rumors began to circulate.

Their First Public Appearance

In May 2017, Nicki Minaj attended Nas’ private birthday party, which was held in New York City. This event marked their first public appearance as a couple, leading many to speculate that they were indeed dating.

Confirmed Relationship

A few months later, during an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Nicki finally confirmed her romantic involvement with Nas. She revealed that they had been enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Their Time Together

Nicki Minaj and Nas seemed smitten with each other during their time together. They were often seen attending various events and parties together, and their social media posts showcased their affection for one another.

A Romantic Birthday Celebration

In September 2017, Nas celebrated his birthday with a grand party thrown by Nicki Minaj. The event was extravagant and star-studded, solidifying their status as a power couple in the music industry.

An Amicable Split

Unfortunately for fans of the duo, their relationship didn’t last long. In January 2018, rumors began to surface about their breakup. However, both Nicki and Nas confirmed that they had split amicably and remained good friends.


While Nicki Minaj and Nas’ relationship may have been short-lived, it certainly left an impact on their fans. Their romance was filled with public appearances, extravagant celebrations, and a mutual respect for each other’s talents.

Although they are no longer together romantically, their friendship remains intact. Fans can only hope that these two artists will continue to collaborate in the future.