How Is Nicki Minaj Father?

When it comes to the personal life of celebrities, there is always a sense of curiosity among fans. One such topic that often piques the interest of Nicki Minaj’s fans is her relationship with her father. Nicki Minaj, born Onika Tanya Maraj, has frequently mentioned her father in interviews and through her music, giving us a glimpse into their complex relationship.

The Early Years

Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert Maraj, was born in Trinidad and Tobago. He moved to the United States in search of better opportunities when he was young. Not much is known about his early years or his background before he became a father.

A Troubled Relationship

The relationship between Nicki Minaj and her father has been anything but smooth sailing. In various interviews and songs, Nicki has opened up about the troubled dynamics she faced growing up.

Childhood Struggles:

As a child, Nicki witnessed her parents’ volatile relationship. Her father struggled with substance abuse issues which took a toll on their family life. The constant arguments and conflicts deeply affected her emotionally.

His Absence:

Despite being physically present during Nicki’s childhood, Robert Maraj was often absent emotionally. This absence had a significant impact on Nicki’s upbringing and influenced her perception of relationships.

Influence on Music

Nicki Minaj’s troubled relationship with her father has found its way into her music. Through powerful lyrics and emotional performances, she has used this pain as an inspiration for many of her songs.

  • “All Things Go”: In this introspective song from the album “The Pinkprint,” Nicki reflects on her relationship with her father and expresses the desire for a better connection.
  • “Autobiography”: This track from her mixtape “Beam Me Up Scotty” is a raw and honest portrayal of the struggles she encountered growing up, including the strained relationship with her father.
  • “Champion”: Collaborating with artists like Drake, Nas, and Jeezy, Nicki Minaj uses this song to channel her pain and determination to overcome the challenges she faced, including those related to her father.


In recent years, there have been hints of reconciliation between Nicki Minaj and her father. In an interview with Queen Radio, she mentioned that they had started speaking again after several years of estrangement. Though the details remain private, it seems that they are slowly rebuilding their relationship.

It is important to remember that we only know fragments of Nicki Minaj’s personal life through what she chooses to share with the public. The complexities of any parent-child relationship cannot be fully understood from outside perspectives.


Nicki Minaj’s relationship with her father has been marked by challenges and emotional turmoil. Through her music, she has found a way to express these experiences and connect with others who may have faced similar struggles. While it is unclear what the future holds for their relationship, it is evident that this bond has played a significant role in shaping who Nicki Minaj is today.