How Is Cubb Coleman Related to Zendaya?

Zendaya Coleman, known professionally as Zendaya, is a talented actress, singer, and fashion model who has captivated audiences with her incredible talent and captivating performances. Many people are curious about her family background and how she is related to Cubb Coleman. In this article, we will explore the relationship between Zendaya and Cubb Coleman.

The Connection

Zendaya and Cubb Coleman are related through their shared surname “Coleman.” However, it is important to note that Cubb Coleman is not Zendaya’s direct family member. The connection lies in their common ancestry.


Both Zendaya and Cubb Coleman can trace their roots back to Africa. They both have African American heritage, which means they share a rich cultural background.

Zendaya’s Family Background

Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California. Her father’s name is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman (formerly Samuel David Coleman), and her mother’s name is Claire Stoermer.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman has been an influential figure in Zendaya’s life since her early childhood. He has always supported her career and helped shape her into the successful artist she is today.

Cubb Coleman’s Background

Cubb Coleman is not as widely known as Zendaya but still shares a connection with her through their shared ancestry. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about Cubb Coleman’s personal life or career.

It is worth mentioning that there might be other individuals with the surname “Coleman” who are also distantly related to Zendaya and Cubb. However, without specific details or public information, it would be challenging to establish a direct familial relationship between them.


In conclusion, while Zendaya and Cubb Coleman share the same surname, they do not have a direct family relationship. Their connection lies in their shared African American heritage and cultural background.

It is always fascinating to explore the connections between individuals, especially those who have made a significant impact in their respective fields like Zendaya. As she continues to inspire and entertain us with her talent, let us appreciate the diverse backgrounds that contribute to her incredible journey.