Has Kanye West Ever Been on SNL?

Has Kanye West Ever Been on SNL?

Kanye West is a name that needs no introduction. Known for his music, fashion, and controversial statements, he has always managed to stay in the spotlight. One platform where he has made quite a few memorable appearances is Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Early Appearances

Kanye West first appeared on SNL back in 2005. This was during the promotion of his second studio album, ‘Late Registration.’

He performed two of his hit songs from the album, ‘Gold Digger’ and ‘Touch the Sky. ‘

His energetic performance and unique stage presence left a lasting impression on the audience.

Return to SNL

After his initial appearance in 2005, Kanye West returned to SNL multiple times throughout the years.

The Graduation Era

  • In 2007, Kanye performed ‘Stronger’ and ‘Good Life’ from his third album, ‘Graduation. ‘
  • In 2008, he made another memorable appearance during an episode hosted by Hugh Laurie.

    He performed ‘Love Lockdown’ from his fourth album, ‘808s & Heartbreak. ‘

The Yeezus Era

  • In 2013, Kanye was back on SNL with a performance of ‘Black Skinhead’ from his sixth studio album, ‘Yeezus.’ His intense and visually striking performance garnered a lot of attention.

The Life of Pablo Era

  • In 2016, Kanye returned once again to perform songs from his seventh studio album, ‘The Life of Pablo.’ He delivered powerful performances of ‘Ultralight Beam’ and ‘Highlights.’

Controversial Moments

Kanye West’s appearances on SNL have not been without controversy. In 2018, during an episode hosted by Donald Glover, Kanye decided to wear a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat while performing ‘Ghost Town.’

This sparked a lot of debate and criticism, with many questioning his support for then-President Donald Trump.

Despite the controversies, Kanye West’s performances on SNL have always been memorable and impactful.


To answer the question, yes, Kanye West has been on SNL multiple times throughout his career. From his early appearances during the ‘Late Registration’ era to his controversial moments during the ‘Life of Pablo’ era, his performances have always captivated audiences and sparked conversations.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Kanye West knows how to make an impact on the SNL stage.