Does Zendaya Sing the Last Song in Euphoria Season 1?

Zendaya is not only a talented actress but also a gifted singer. Many fans of the hit HBO series Euphoria have been wondering if she sings the last song in Season 1.

Well, the answer is yes! Zendaya showcases her incredible vocal abilities in the final episode of Euphoria Season 1.

Zendaya’s Musical Talents

Zendaya has always been multi-talented. She gained recognition as an actress in her early years, starring in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up and later making a name for herself with roles in movies like The Greatest Showman and Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, it was on Euphoria that she truly proved her versatility by not only acting but also singing.

The Last Song

In the Season 1 finale of Euphoria, titled “And Salt the Earth Behind You,” Zendaya performs a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the song “All for Us.” The track was originally released by Labrinth, who is also responsible for composing much of the show’s mesmerizing original music.

The song serves as an emotional culmination of Rue’s (played by Zendaya) journey throughout the season. It perfectly captures the raw intensity and vulnerability that has made Euphoria such a groundbreaking and critically acclaimed series.

Zendaya’s Performance

Zendaya’s performance of “All for Us” is nothing short of mesmerizing. Her soulful voice carries a depth and emotion that resonates with viewers on a profound level. As she sings, you can’t help but be captivated by her talent and consumed by the weight of Rue’s struggles.

Not only does Zendaya deliver an exceptional vocal performance, but she also brings to life Rue’s complex character through her nuanced acting skills. This combination creates a truly unforgettable moment that leaves a lasting impact on the audience.


In conclusion, Zendaya showcases her exceptional singing abilities in the final episode of Euphoria Season 1. Her performance of “All for Us” is a powerful and poignant moment that adds another layer to the already remarkable series. It’s a testament to her talent and further solidifies her status as an extraordinary artist.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch Euphoria yet, make sure to check it out and experience Zendaya’s incredible singing firsthand. Prepare to be blown away by her captivating performance!