Does Zendaya Sing in Euphoria Soundtrack?

Does Zendaya Sing in Euphoria Soundtrack?

One of the most popular TV shows of recent times, Euphoria, has captured the hearts of viewers with its intense storyline and powerful performances. One aspect that stands out is the incredible soundtrack that accompanies each episode.

With a mix of songs from established artists and emerging talents, the Euphoria soundtrack has become a fan favorite. However, many viewers are left wondering if the show’s star, Zendaya, lends her voice to any of the songs in the series.

The Answer:

Yes, Zendaya does sing in the Euphoria soundtrack! Her musical talents shine through in a few key moments throughout the series. Let’s explore some of these memorable performances.

Rue’s “All for Us” Performance

In one of the most iconic scenes from Season 1, Rue (played by Zendaya) takes center stage and delivers a breathtaking performance of “All for Us.” This song perfectly captures the raw emotions and vulnerability of her character. The combination of her haunting vocals and the intense visuals creates an unforgettable moment on screen.

“Rewind” Duet with Labrinth

Zendaya also collaborates with Labrinth, who serves as one of the primary composers for Euphoria’s soundtrack. Together, they create magic with their duet on the track “Rewind.” Their voices blend seamlessly, adding depth and emotion to this powerful song.

Additional Musical Contributions

Besides these standout performances, Zendaya’s musical talent can be heard in various other tracks throughout Euphoria. Her unique voice adds an extra layer of authenticity to certain scenes and helps to establish a deeper connection between viewers and her character.


Zendaya’s involvement in the Euphoria soundtrack goes beyond her exceptional acting skills. Her musical contributions bring an additional dimension to the show, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Whether she’s singing solo or collaborating with other artists, Zendaya’s talent shines brightly in the world of Euphoria.

So, next time you find yourself captivated by a song while watching Euphoria, remember that it might just be Zendaya serenading your ears.