Does Saweetie Get Along With Cardi B?

When it comes to the world of music, collaborations and feuds between artists are not uncommon. One such rumored feud is between two prominent female rap artists, Saweetie and Cardi B.

Fans have been speculating about their relationship for quite some time now. Let’s delve into this topic and find out: does Saweetie get along with Cardi B?

The Beginnings

Saweetie, whose real name is Diamonté Harper, burst onto the music scene in 2017 with her hit single “Icy Grl.” The rising star quickly gained attention for her catchy hooks and confident lyrics. On the other hand, Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, had already made a name for herself as a reality TV star before releasing her chart-topping debut album “Invasion of Privacy” in 2018.

Given their similar paths to success and their shared love for rap music, many fans hoped to see these two talented artists collaborate. However, rumors of a feud started circulating when both Saweetie and Cardi B began releasing music around the same time.

The Rumors

One of the main reasons behind these rumors was an alleged subliminal tweet by Saweetie that fans believed was directed at Cardi B. The tweet read, “I don’t understand how some people can be so unoriginal.” Although Saweetie never confirmed who she was referring to in the tweet, fans speculated it was aimed at Cardi B due to their overlapping careers.

Additionally, during an interview with radio host Ebro Darden on Hot 97, Saweetie was asked about collaborating with other female rappers. When asked specifically about working with Cardi B, Saweetie responded, “I’m open to working with anyone who’s about their business and respectful.” Some fans interpreted this response as a subtle dig at Cardi B, suggesting there might be tension between the two artists.

The Truth Revealed

Despite the rumors and speculations, it seems that Saweetie and Cardi B actually have a cordial relationship. In fact, Saweetie has publicly shown support for Cardi B on multiple occasions. She has praised Cardi B’s music and even expressed her admiration for Cardi B’s unapologetic personality in interviews.

In an interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” Saweetie clarified her previous comment about collaborating with Cardi B. She stated that she respects any artist who is serious about their craft and making good music, including Cardi B.

The Collaboration

Finally, in 2021, fans’ wishes came true when Saweetie and Cardi B collaborated on a remix of Saweetie’s hit single “Best Friend.” The song became an instant hit, further solidifying the fact that there is no bad blood between these two talented artists.

  • Despite initial rumors of a feud
  • Saweetie and Cardi B have proven that they get along
  • Saweetie has publicly supported Cardi B
  • The two artists collaborated on a successful remix

In Conclusion

It is safe to say that Saweetie and Cardi B do get along. While rumors may have suggested otherwise, both artists have shown mutual respect and admiration for each other.

The collaboration between them only further proves their friendly relationship. As fans, we can look forward to more exciting collaborations between these two talented rap queens in the future!