Does Nicki Minaj Sing in Grand Piano?

Does Nicki Minaj Sing in “Grand Piano”?

Many fans of Nicki Minaj might wonder if she sings in her emotional ballad, “Grand Piano.” The song, which is featured on her third studio album, “The Pinkprint,” showcases a different side of the versatile artist. In this article, we will explore whether Nicki Minaj sings or raps in “Grand Piano” and delve into the emotions behind the lyrics.

The Melancholic Melody of “Grand Piano”

“Grand Piano” is a powerful and heartfelt song that showcases Nicki Minaj’s vocal abilities. It’s a departure from her usual rap style and highlights her emotional depth as an artist. The haunting melody sets the tone for the introspective lyrics that follow.

The Emotional Lyrics

The lyrics of “Grand Piano” delve into themes of heartbreak and longing. They paint a vivid picture of a failed relationship and the pain that comes with it. Let’s take a closer look at some of the impactful lines:

  • “Am I just a fool?”: This line captures the vulnerability and self-doubt one experiences after a breakup.
  • “I let you play me for a fool”: These words express regret and feeling deceived in love.
  • “I’m playing this grand piano”: This metaphorical line symbolizes the emotional turmoil and catharsis that comes with expressing one’s pain.

Nicki Minaj’s Vocal Performance

In “Grand Piano,” Nicki Minaj showcases her vocal range and emotive delivery. Her voice resonates with raw emotion, drawing listeners into the depths of her heartbreak. This demonstrates her versatility as an artist, proving that she can captivate audiences not only with her rap skills but also with her singing abilities.


So, does Nicki Minaj sing in “Grand Piano”? The answer is a resounding yes.

She not only sings but also delivers a heartfelt and emotionally charged performance in this poignant ballad. “Grand Piano” showcases Nicki Minaj’s versatility and reminds us that she is more than just a rapper; she is a multifaceted artist capable of evoking powerful emotions through her music.

If you haven’t listened to “Grand Piano” yet, be sure to give it a listen and appreciate the depth and vulnerability that Nicki Minaj brings to this beautiful song.