Does Nicki Minaj Own a Home?

Many people wonder if Nicki Minaj, the renowned rapper and singer, owns a home. Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful female artists in the music industry, known for her bold style, catchy songs, and energetic performances. In this article, we will explore whether Nicki Minaj owns a home and provide some insights into her real estate investments.

Exploring Nicki Minaj’s Real Estate Investments

Yes, Nicki Minaj does indeed own a luxurious home. She has made significant real estate investments over the years, showcasing her success and financial prowess. Let’s take a closer look at some of her notable properties:

The Beverly Hills Mansion

Nicki Minaj reportedly purchased a stunning mansion in Beverly Hills for a whopping $12 million. This extravagant property spans over 11,500 square feet and features seven bedrooms, an infinity pool, a movie theater, and breathtaking views of Los Angeles.

This mansion is truly a symbol of luxury and opulence.

The Queens Condo

In addition to her extravagant Beverly Hills mansion, Nicki Minaj also owns a stylish condo in Queens, New York. This property serves as her primary residence when she visits her hometown.

Real Estate Portfolio Expansion

Nicki Minaj’s real estate investments extend beyond just owning personal properties. She has also delved into the world of rental properties as part of her investment portfolio.

Rental Properties

Nicki Minaj owns multiple rental properties across the United States, which generate passive income for the artist. These rental properties include luxurious apartments in cities like Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City.

By investing in rental properties, Nicki Minaj not only diversifies her investment portfolio but also secures a steady stream of income.


In conclusion, Nicki Minaj is not only a successful artist but also a savvy real estate investor. She owns luxurious properties, including a mansion in Beverly Hills and a condo in Queens, New York. Additionally, she has ventured into the realm of rental properties to further expand her investment portfolio.

It is evident that Nicki Minaj’s success extends beyond the music industry, and her real estate investments are a testament to her financial achievements.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Nicki Minaj’s real estate ventures!