Does Cardi B Mother Speak Spanish?

Cardi B, the Grammy-winning rapper and songwriter, is known for her unique style and infectious personality. Born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar to a Dominican father and Trinidadian mother in New York City, Cardi B has proudly embraced her Afro-Latina heritage throughout her career.

However, many fans have wondered if her mother also shares the same Spanish-speaking background. Let’s delve into this question and find out if Cardi B’s mother speaks Spanish.

The Background

To understand if Cardi B’s mother speaks Spanish, we need to explore her family history. Cardi B’s mother, named Carmen Almanzar, is of Trinidadian descent. Trinidad and Tobago, located in the southern Caribbean, are predominantly English-speaking countries due to their colonial history under British rule.

Cardi B’s Multicultural Upbringing

Cardi B grew up in a multicultural household where both English and Spanish were spoken. Her father hails from the Dominican Republic, a country where Spanish is the official language. Therefore, it is highly likely that Cardi B was exposed to Spanish at home through her interactions with her father.

Fun Fact: Cardi B has mentioned in interviews that she used to speak more Spanish as a child but started losing fluency over time as she primarily communicated in English.

Cardi B’s Connection to Her Latinx Roots

Despite not being fluent in Spanish anymore, Cardi B remains deeply connected to her Latinx roots. She often incorporates Spanish phrases in her songs and interviews as a way of celebrating her heritage and connecting with her fans who speak the language.

The Influence of Latin Music on Cardi B

In addition to incorporating Spanish into her music and interviews, Cardi B’s music itself has been heavily influenced by Latin beats and rhythms. Collaborations with Latinx artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Ozuna have further solidified her connection to the Latin music scene.


While Cardi B’s mother, Carmen Almanzar, may not speak Spanish due to her Trinidadian heritage, Cardi B’s upbringing in a multicultural household exposed her to both English and Spanish. Although she no longer speaks Spanish fluently, she proudly embraces her Afro-Latina roots and incorporates Spanish into her music and public persona. Cardi B’s connection to the Latinx community is evident through her collaborations with Latinx artists and her celebration of Hispanic culture in her work.

In conclusion, while Cardi B’s mother may not speak Spanish, Cardi B herself continues to honor her multicultural background through her music and representation in the entertainment industry.