Does Cardi B Have Her Own Show?

Cardi B, the renowned American rapper and songwriter, has been making waves in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. With her unique style and charismatic personality, she has become a global sensation.

Many fans of Cardi B have been wondering if she has her own show. In this article, we will explore whether or not Cardi B has her own show and delve into the details.

What is Cardi B known for?

Before diving into whether or not Cardi B has her own show, let’s take a moment to appreciate her accomplishments. Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar, rose to fame with her breakout hit single “Bodak Yellow” in 2017. Since then, she has released multiple chart-topping songs and collaborated with various artists across different genres.

Cardi B is also recognized for her outspoken nature and unfiltered presence on social media platforms. Her candidness and relatable personality have endeared her to millions of fans worldwide.

Cardi B’s Show: ‘Cardi Tries’ on Facebook Watch

Yes, Cardi B does indeed have her own show! Titled ‘Cardi Tries,’ it is an unscripted series that premiered on Facebook Watch in December 2020. The show provides a glimpse into Cardi B’s life as she explores and tries out different activities outside of her comfort zone.

In each episode of ‘Cardi Tries,’ Cardi takes on a new challenge or hobby with the guidance of an expert in that particular field. From ballet dancing to stunt car racing, she fearlessly dives into unfamiliar territories while showcasing her authentic reactions.

The episodes are filled with humor, as viewers get to witness Cardi’s genuine reactions to these new experiences. The show not only highlights her entertaining personality but also sheds light on the dedication and hard work she puts into mastering new skills.

Why ‘Cardi Tries’ is a must-watch

‘Cardi Tries’ offers a fresh and unique take on the traditional celebrity show format. It allows Cardi B to showcase her versatility beyond music, giving viewers a chance to see her in a different light.

The show’s structure, combined with Cardi B’s larger-than-life persona, creates an engaging and entertaining experience for the audience. Whether you are a fan of Cardi B or not, ‘Cardi Tries’ offers something for everyone.

How to watch ‘Cardi Tries’

If you’re intrigued by ‘Cardi Tries’ and want to catch the episodes, you can do so exclusively on Facebook Watch. Simply head over to Facebook and search for the show’s official page. From there, you can enjoy all the episodes at your convenience.

In conclusion

So, to answer the question – yes, Cardi B does have her own show called ‘Cardi Tries.’ This unscripted series showcases Cardi’s journey as she explores new activities and challenges herself outside of her comfort zone. With its humor and authenticity, ‘Cardi Tries’ is definitely worth watching if you’re a fan of Cardi B or simply looking for an entertaining and engaging show!