Does Cardi B Have a Song With Nicki Minaj?

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are two of the biggest names in the rap industry. With their fierce personalities and chart-topping hits, fans have often wondered if these two powerhouses have collaborated on a song together.

The Rivalry

First, let’s address the elephant in the room – the rivalry between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Over the years, there have been public feuds, subliminal disses, and even physical altercations between the two artists. Their feud has been well-documented in the media, fueling speculations about whether they would ever put their differences aside to work on a song together.

The Collaboration

Despite their highly publicized rivalry, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj did collaborate on a song called “MotorSport.” The track also features rap group Migos and was released in 2017 as a part of Migos’ album “Culture II.”

Fun Fact: “MotorSport” became an instant hit and peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This unexpected collaboration raised eyebrows and led to even more speculation about the status of their relationship. It sparked debates among fans about whether their collaboration was genuine or simply a strategic move by their record labels to generate buzz.

The Fallout

Unfortunately, following the release of “MotorSport,” tensions between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj continued to escalate. Subsequent incidents reignited their feud, making it highly unlikely that we will see another collaboration between these two rap queens anytime soon.

Rumors and Unreleased Songs

In addition to “MotorSport,” rumors have circulated about other potential collaborations between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. There have been whispers of unreleased songs and secret studio sessions, but nothing concrete has been confirmed by either artist.

It’s important to note that artists often record songs together without ever releasing them. These collaborations can end up on the cutting room floor for various reasons, including creative differences or issues with clearance and licensing.

The Verdict

So, does Cardi B have a song with Nicki Minaj? The answer is yes – “MotorSport” is the one and only official collaboration between these two rap superstars. However, their ongoing feud and subsequent fallout make it highly unlikely that we will see them team up again in the near future.

In the world of music, though, anything is possible. Fans can always hope for a surprise collaboration or a reconciliation between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj that could lead to new music together.

Final Thoughts

The rivalry between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has undoubtedly captured the attention of fans worldwide. While their feud has overshadowed any potential collaborations, “MotorSport” stands as a testament to what these two talented artists are capable of when they come together on a track.

Whether you’re Team Cardi or Team Nicki, there’s no denying the impact both artists have had on the rap industry. As fans, we can only hope that one day they will put their differences aside and bless us with another epic collaboration.