Does Cardi B Have a Deal With Reebok?

Cardi B, the renowned American rapper and songwriter, has been making waves in the music industry for quite some time. With her unique style, catchy songs, and outspoken personality, she has become a household name.

However, Cardi B’s influence extends beyond music and into the world of fashion and endorsement deals. One such collaboration that has garnered attention is her partnership with Reebok.

The Partnership:

Cardi B’s partnership with Reebok was officially announced in November 2018. As part of the deal, she became the new face of Reebok’s Aztrek sneaker campaign. This collaboration marked a milestone for both Cardi B and Reebok as they joined forces to create a unique marketing campaign centered around inclusivity, empowerment, and self-expression.

The Campaign:

The main focus of the campaign was to celebrate individuality and inspire people to embrace their true selves. Cardi B’s bold personality perfectly aligned with Reebok’s vision for the Aztrek sneaker line. The campaign showcased Cardi B wearing different variations of the Aztrek sneakers while highlighting her personal style and unapologetic attitude.

Why Cardi B?

Cardi B’s rise to fame was not an overnight success. She faced numerous challenges along her journey but remained determined to achieve her dreams. Her authenticity, resilience, and ability to stay true to herself resonated with many people worldwide.

  • Influential Voice: Cardi B has built a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter where she shares updates about her life and opinions on various topics. Her ability to connect with her fans makes her an influential figure among young adults.
  • Fashion Forward: Cardi B is known for her daring and unique fashion choices.

    She has become a style icon for many, pushing boundaries and embracing individuality. Her fashion sense perfectly aligns with Reebok’s aim to inspire people to express themselves through their personal style.

  • Authenticity: Cardi B’s authenticity is what sets her apart from many other artists. She openly shares her experiences, struggles, and triumphs, making her relatable to a wide range of audiences. This genuine approach resonates with Reebok’s commitment to authenticity and self-expression.

The Impact:

The partnership between Cardi B and Reebok has been highly successful, generating significant buzz in both the music and fashion industries. The campaign not only showcased the Aztrek sneaker line but also highlighted the importance of embracing diversity and celebrating individuality.


Cardi B’s collaboration with Reebok has proven to be a strategic move for both parties involved. It has allowed Reebok to tap into Cardi B’s massive fan base while providing the rapper with a platform to express herself creatively. This partnership serves as a testament to the power of collaborations in creating impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences worldwide.