Does Azealia Banks Like Kanye West?

Azealia Banks and Kanye West are two prominent figures in the music industry, known for their controversial statements and unique musical styles. While their paths have crossed multiple times throughout their careers, it is unclear whether Azealia Banks truly likes Kanye West. Let’s dive deeper into the relationship between these two artists.

Their Musical Collaboration

One notable instance of Azealia Banks and Kanye West’s connection is their collaboration on the song “Fuckin’ with My Heart.” Released in 2013, this track showcased both artists’ rap skills and experimental production styles. The song received mixed reviews from critics but gained attention for its bold lyrics and unconventional sound.

Public Statements

Over the years, Azealia Banks has made various public statements about Kanye West, some positive and others less so. In a 2018 interview, she expressed admiration for his musical talent, calling him a “genius” and praising his ability to push boundaries in the industry.

In contrast, Azealia Banks has also been critical of Kanye West on several occasions. In a series of tweets in 2016, she accused him of being a “fake political revolutionary” and criticized his support for then-President Donald Trump.

Social Media Interactions

Social media platforms have become a popular space for artists to share their thoughts and engage with fans. Both Azealia Banks and Kanye West are active users of platforms like Twitter, where they occasionally interact with each other.

In one instance, Azealia Banks tweeted at Kanye West expressing her disappointment with his behavior during an awards show. However, it is important to note that social media interactions can be complex and often do not reflect the entirety of an individual’s feelings towards another.


Based on their musical collaboration and public statements, it is difficult to determine Azealia Banks’ true feelings towards Kanye West. While she has expressed admiration for his talent, she has also been critical of him at times. It is crucial to consider the dynamic nature of their relationship and the ever-changing opinions of artists in the music industry.

In summary:

  • Azealia Banks and Kanye West collaborated on the song “Fuckin’ with My Heart” in 2013.
  • Azealia Banks has expressed both admiration and criticism towards Kanye West in public statements.
  • Social media interactions between the two have been limited but occasionally contentious.

The relationship between Azealia Banks and Kanye West remains complex and open to interpretation. As with any public figures, it is important to approach their statements and interactions with a critical mindset while acknowledging that opinions can change over time.