Do They Put Makeup on Zendaya in Euphoria?

Zendaya is undoubtedly one of the most talented and versatile actors of our time. Her performances in movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman have captivated audiences worldwide.

However, it is her role as Rue Bennett in the hit TV series Euphoria that has truly showcased her acting prowess. In this article, we will explore whether Zendaya wears makeup in Euphoria and how it contributes to her character’s portrayal.

Makeup in Euphoria: Enhancing the Visual Experience

Euphoria is known for its bold and visually stunning aesthetic, which extends to the makeup worn by its characters. From glittery eyeshadows to intricate face designs, the makeup in Euphoria plays a significant role in creating a distinct atmosphere that complements the show’s narratives.

Zendaya’s Character: Rue Bennett

In Euphoria, Zendaya portrays Rue Bennett, a troubled teenager battling addiction. As Rue’s story unfolds on-screen, her makeup choices reflect her emotional state and serve as an extension of her character.

Minimalistic Approach:

The makeup artists on Euphoria take a minimalistic approach when it comes to Zendaya’s character. They aim to create a natural and raw appearance that reflects Rue’s vulnerability and struggles with addiction. This approach involves using minimal foundation, subtle eyeshadows, and light lip colors to ensure that Zendaya’s true emotions shine through.

The Power of Bold Choices

While Rue’s makeup may be minimalistic at times, there are instances where bolder choices are made to emphasize specific scenes or emotions.

  • Graphic Eyeliner: To depict moments of angst or intensity, Zendaya occasionally sports graphic eyeliner designs. These bold lines add a touch of rebellion to her character’s appearance, reflecting Rue’s defiance and inner turmoil.
  • Glitter and Gems: Euphoria is known for its extravagant use of glitter and gems in makeup, and Zendaya’s character is no exception. When the narrative calls for it, Rue’s makeup may incorporate sparkling elements to enhance the visual impact of certain scenes.

The Collaborative Effort

Euphoria’s makeup team, led by Emmy-winning makeup artist Doniella Davy, works closely with Zendaya to create a cohesive vision for Rue’s appearance.

Zendaya’s Input:

Zendaya actively collaborates with the makeup team, providing input on her character’s look. This collaborative effort ensures that the makeup aligns with Zendaya’s understanding of Rue as a character and enhances her performance.

The Impact:

The use of makeup in Euphoria not only enhances the visual experience but also serves as a storytelling tool. It helps convey the emotions and complexities of Rue Bennett, making her character more relatable and captivating to audiences.

In Conclusion

In Euphoria, Zendaya undergoes a transformative journey as she brings Rue Bennett to life on-screen. The minimalistic yet impactful makeup choices made by the show’s talented team help create an immersive visual experience that adds depth to both the character and the narrative. From subtle enhancements to bolder choices, each element of Zendaya’s makeup contributes to the overall storytelling in Euphoria.

As viewers continue to be captivated by this groundbreaking series, it is clear that the use of makeup plays an integral role in bringing characters like Rue Bennett to life and further solidifies Zendaya’s status as a true talent in the industry.