Did Zendaya Win in Dancing With the Stars?

Did Zendaya Win in Dancing With the Stars?

Zendaya, the multi-talented actress and singer, made headlines when she participated in the 16th season of Dancing With the Stars. Her incredible dance moves and undeniable stage presence captivated both the judges and the audience week after week.

But did she ultimately emerge as the champion? Let’s delve into Zendaya’s journey on Dancing With the Stars and find out.

The Rising Star

Zendaya, known for her role as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up, showcased her dancing skills in a way that surprised everyone. Her partnership with professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy proved to be a winning combination from day one.

Week after week, Zendaya and Valentin wowed viewers with their exquisite routines. From graceful waltzes to energetic salsas, they displayed versatility and impeccable technique in every dance style they tackled.

A Journey Filled with Triumphs

Zendaya’s performances on Dancing With the Stars earned her consistently high scores from the judges, leaving no doubt about her immense talent. Not only did she possess remarkable technical skills, but she also had a natural ability to connect with both her partner and the audience.

One of Zendaya’s standout moments was her contemporary routine to “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers. The emotionally charged performance left both judges and viewers in awe, earning her a perfect score of 30 out of 30.

Throughout the competition, Zendaya continued to shine with memorable performances such as her flamenco-infused paso doble and show-stopping freestyle routine that brought down the house.

The Final Stretch

As Dancing With the Stars reached its finale, Zendaya faced tough competition from other talented celebrities. The final three couples battled it out with their last performances, leaving the fate of the Mirrorball Trophy in the hands of the voting viewers.

Ultimately, Zendaya emerged as the runner-up of Dancing With the Stars season 16. Although she narrowly missed out on the top spot, her journey on the show was nothing short of extraordinary.

A True Winner

While Zendaya may not have won the Mirrorball Trophy, her impact on Dancing With the Stars was undeniable. She proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences and inspiring countless viewers with her incredible dancing abilities.

Since her time on Dancing With the Stars, Zendaya has continued to thrive in her career, showcasing her talent in both music and acting. Her participation in the show served as a stepping stone that further solidified her status as a rising star.

In Conclusion

Zendaya’s journey on Dancing With the Stars showcased her remarkable dance skills and exceptional stage presence. While she didn’t come out on top in season 16, she undoubtedly left a lasting impression on both judges and viewers alike. Her performances will be remembered as some of the most memorable in Dancing With the Stars history.