Did Zendaya Try Out for the Little Mermaid?

Did Zendaya Try Out for the Little Mermaid?

The rumor mill has been swirling with speculation about whether the talented actress and singer, Zendaya, auditioned for the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Fans of Zendaya have been eagerly waiting for confirmation about her involvement in this beloved Disney film. So, did she try out for the role?

The Buzz on Social Media

Social media platforms were abuzz with excitement when reports began circulating that Zendaya might be considered for the role of Ariel – the iconic mermaid princess. Twitter feeds and Instagram posts were flooded with fans expressing their hopes and dreams of seeing Zendaya bring this beloved character to life.

Rumors vs. Facts:

  • Rumor: Zendaya auditioned for Ariel.
  • Fact: There is no official confirmation or denial from Zendaya or Disney regarding her involvement in auditions.

Zendaya’s Versatility as an Actress

Zendaya’s talent as an actress is undeniable. She has proven her versatility time and again through her captivating performances in movies like The Greatest Showman and shows like Euphoria. With her ability to portray complex characters with depth and authenticity, it’s no wonder fans believe she would be a perfect fit for Ariel.

Zendaya’s Singing Prowess

In addition to acting, Zendaya is also known for her incredible singing abilities. She has released several successful singles and even showcased her vocal talent in films like The Greatest Showman. This further fueled fans’ excitement about the possibility of her taking on the role of Ariel, who is renowned for her enchanting voice.


While the question of whether Zendaya auditioned for the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid remains unanswered, fans can’t help but imagine how amazing she would be in this iconic role. With her acting prowess, singing abilities, and undeniable star power, Zendaya would undoubtedly bring a fresh and captivating interpretation to the beloved character.

Whether or not Zendaya ends up being cast as Ariel, one thing is for sure – her talent and dedication to her craft will continue to shine in future projects. As fans eagerly await more news about The Little Mermaid, they can rest assured that Zendaya’s career is on a trajectory towards even greater heights.