Did Tasha K Pay Cardi B Yet?

Did Tasha K Pay Cardi B Yet?

One of the most popular feuds in the world of hip-hop and entertainment is the ongoing battle between Tasha K and Cardi B. Tasha K, a well-known YouTube personality, has been making headlines with her allegations against Cardi B. One of the key accusations revolves around a claim that Tasha K owes Cardi B a significant amount of money.

The Allegations

Tasha K alleges that she borrowed a substantial sum of money from Cardi B during their friendship. According to Tasha K, this money was loaned to help her with personal expenses, but she has not yet repaid it. This claim has caused quite a stir in the industry and has led to heated debates among fans.

Tasha K’s Response

In response to the allegations, Tasha K has vehemently denied owing any money to Cardi B. She has stated that these claims are baseless and simply an attempt to tarnish her reputation. Tasha K insists that she is financially stable and does not owe any debts to anyone.

Cardi B’s Side

Cardi B, on the other hand, maintains that Tasha K still owes her a considerable amount of money. She has expressed frustration over the situation and believes that Tasha K should take responsibility for her actions. Cardi B’s fans have rallied behind her, supporting her claims and calling for justice.

The Legal Battle

The feud between Tasha K and Cardi B escalated when legal action became involved. Both parties have sought legal representation to resolve the matter in court. The case is ongoing, and fans eagerly await a resolution.


The ongoing dispute between Tasha K and Cardi B regarding the alleged debt has sparked intense interest and debate. While Tasha K denies owing any money, Cardi B remains firm in her claims. The legal battle will ultimately determine the truth of the matter, and fans are eagerly awaiting its outcome.

Regardless of the verdict, this feud has captured the attention of millions and serves as a reminder of how disputes can quickly escalate in the public eye. Only time will tell if Tasha K pays Cardi B or if the allegations turn out to be unfounded.