Did Nicki Minaj Collab With Blackpink?

Did Nicki Minaj Collab With Blackpink?

Rumors have been circulating in the music industry about a potential collaboration between two powerhouse artists: Nicki Minaj and Blackpink. Fans of both artists have been eagerly awaiting this collaboration, hoping for an explosive track that combines the fierce rap skills of Nicki Minaj with the catchy hooks and powerful vocals of Blackpink.

So, did this highly anticipated collaboration actually happen? Let’s find out.

The Hints and Teasers

Speculation about a Nicki Minaj and Blackpink collaboration started when both artists began dropping hints on social media. Fans were quick to notice that they were following each other on various platforms, liking each other’s posts, and leaving comments filled with excitement.

Blackpink members also shared photos of themselves in the studio, leading fans to believe that they were working on new music. The anticipation grew even more when Nicki Minaj posted a tweet saying, “Got something special coming soon… stay tuned!” accompanied by a picture of herself with four emojis representing each member of Blackpink.

The Confirmation

The confirmation that Nicki Minaj had indeed collaborated with Blackpink came during an interview she did on a popular radio show. When asked about the rumors, she couldn’t contain her excitement and confirmed that she had worked with the K-pop girl group on a track for their upcoming album.

“I’m so excited for my fans to hear this collaboration,” Nicki Minaj said. “Blackpink is incredibly talented, and it was an honor to work with them.

The song is high-energy and full of surprises. “

What Can We Expect?

With both Nicki Minaj and Blackpink known for their energetic performances and bold music styles, fans can expect a dynamic and powerful track. Nicki Minaj’s fierce rap verses combined with Blackpink’s catchy melodies and impressive vocals are sure to create a chart-topping hit.

Moreover, collaborations between Western artists and K-pop groups have gained significant popularity in recent years, breaking down barriers and reaching new audiences worldwide. This collaboration has the potential to become an international sensation, further solidifying the global influence of both Nicki Minaj and Blackpink.


In conclusion, it is official: Nicki Minaj has collaborated with Blackpink on a track for their upcoming album. Fans can’t wait to see what these two powerhouse acts have created together. With their combined talents and the excitement surrounding this collaboration, it is safe to say that this track will be a massive hit.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release date of this highly anticipated collaboration!