Did Nas and Nicki Minaj Date?

Did Nas and Nicki Minaj Date?

There have been numerous speculations and rumors surrounding the alleged romantic relationship between Nas and Nicki Minaj. Fans and the media have been buzzing with excitement, trying to decipher whether these two rap icons were indeed an item. Let’s delve into the details and see if we can uncover the truth behind this intriguing question.

The Beginnings

Rumors of Nas and Nicki Minaj dating first sparked in May 2017 when they both appeared at the Met Gala together. The pair posed for photos, sparking speculation among fans and paparazzi alike. However, at that time, neither Nas nor Nicki confirmed or denied the dating rumors.

The Social Media Hints

Shortly after their appearance at the Met Gala, both Nas and Nicki Minaj took to social media to drop subtle hints about their possible relationship. Nicki posted a picture of herself cuddling up to Nas with a caption that read “Only KINGS recognize QUEENS.” This post sent fans into a frenzy, with many speculating that it was confirmation of their romance.

Nas also fueled the fire when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2017. When asked about his relationship with Nicki Minaj, he simply replied with a smirk, “She’s an amazing artist.” Although this response was not a direct confirmation, it only added more fuel to the dating rumors.

The Birthday Kiss

In September 2017, during Nas’ birthday party in New York City, he and Nicki Minaj were spotted getting cozy once again. Videos surfaced online showing them sharing a passionate kiss during the celebration. This public display of affection seemed to solidify their relationship in the eyes of many fans.

The Split

Unfortunately for fans of the potential power couple, Nas and Nicki Minaj reportedly ended their relationship in January 2018. Sources claimed that their busy schedules and conflicting priorities ultimately led to the demise of their romance. Neither party publicly addressed the breakup, leaving fans with unanswered questions.


While Nas and Nicki Minaj never officially confirmed their relationship, it is safe to say that they were indeed involved romantically. From their public appearances together, social media hints, and even a birthday kiss, there was enough evidence to support the dating rumors. However, like many celebrity relationships, theirs came to an end without any official statement.

In conclusion, Nas and Nicki Minaj’s alleged romance captured the attention of fans worldwide. Although they may no longer be together, their brief time as a potential power couple will always be remembered in the music industry.