Did Leonardo DiCaprio Wipe His Blood on Kerry Washington?

Did Leonardo DiCaprio Wipe His Blood on Kerry Washington?

There have been numerous rumors circulating in the media recently about an incident involving Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington. According to some reports, during a dramatic scene on the set of their latest film collaboration, DiCaprio accidentally cut himself and then wiped his blood on Washington’s face.

But is there any truth to this shocking claim? Let’s delve deeper into the details.

The Allegation

The alleged incident took place while filming a scene that required intense physicality and emotional depth. It is said that DiCaprio’s character was involved in a violent altercation, resulting in a minor injury. In the heat of the moment, he inadvertently touched Washington’s face with his bloodied hand.

The Controversy

As news of this alleged incident spread like wildfire, fans and critics alike were quick to express their outrage and demand answers. People questioned whether such behavior was appropriate or professional on DiCaprio’s part. The incident also raised concerns about safety protocols on set and how they are enforced.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Response

In light of the controversy surrounding these claims, DiCaprio released an official statement denying any intentional wrongdoing. He clarified that it was an unfortunate accident fueled by the intensity of the scene and apologized for any distress caused to Washington or anyone else involved in the production.

Kerry Washington’s Reaction

Kerry Washington has not publicly addressed this incident. However, sources close to her have indicated that she understands it was unintentional and holds no ill feelings towards DiCaprio.

Safety Measures on Set

Incidents like these highlight the importance of safety measures on film sets. While accidents can happen, it is crucial for production teams to have proper protocols in place to minimize risks and ensure the well-being of all cast and crew members.


While the alleged incident between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington has generated significant attention, it appears to have been an unintentional accident rather than a deliberate act. DiCaprio’s prompt apology and Washington’s understanding response indicate that there was no ill intent involved. It serves as a reminder of the physical and emotional demands actors face on set, as well as the need for robust safety measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

As fans, it is important to separate fact from fiction and approach such stories with caution. Let us focus on celebrating the incredible talents of these actors rather than dwelling on unsubstantiated rumors.