Did Leonardo DiCaprio Wipe His Blood on Kerry Washington Face?

Did Leonardo DiCaprio Wipe His Blood on Kerry Washington Face?

There have been rumors circulating recently about an incident involving Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington. It has been alleged that during the filming of a particularly intense scene in their latest movie, DiCaprio accidentally wiped his own blood on Washington’s face. Let’s take a closer look at this intriguing story.

The Alleged Incident

The incident reportedly occurred during the shooting of a climactic fight scene between DiCaprio and Washington’s characters. It is said that DiCaprio sustained a minor cut on his hand while performing a stunt, and unknowingly transferred some of his blood onto Washington’s face while they were in close proximity.

Eye-Witness Accounts

Several crew members who were present on set that day have come forward with their accounts of the incident. One anonymous crew member claimed to have seen the moment unfold, stating, “I couldn’t believe my eyes! Leonardo accidentally wiped his bloody hand across Kerry’s face.

It was surreal. “

Another crew member described the aftermath, saying, “Kerry handled it like a total pro. She didn’t even flinch when it happened and continued with her performance as if nothing had occurred.”

The Response

Despite the shocking nature of this alleged incident, both DiCaprio and Washington have remained silent about it. Their representatives have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors circulating in the media.

Blood in Movies

  • Blood is often used in movies to create realistic effects during action-packed scenes.
  • Meticulous planning goes into ensuring the safety of actors during these scenes.
  • In some cases, fake blood is used to avoid any potential risks.


While the rumor of Leonardo DiCaprio accidentally wiping his blood on Kerry Washington’s face during the filming of their latest movie is intriguing, it is important to remember that rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt. Until there is an official statement from either actor or their representatives, it remains speculation.

In the world of cinema, accidents can happen on set, and it’s essential for actors to adapt and continue with their performances. Regardless of the outcome of this particular incident, both DiCaprio and Washington have proven themselves to be consummate professionals.

We will have to wait and see if any further information emerges about this alleged incident. Until then, let’s focus on enjoying their incredible talent on the big screen.