Did Leonardo DiCaprio Really Wipe His Blood on Kerry Washington’s Face in Django Unchained?

Did Leonardo DiCaprio Really Wipe His Blood on Kerry Washington’s Face in Django Unchained?

One of the most memorable scenes in Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 film Django Unchained involves a disturbing incident between Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Calvin Candie, and Kerry Washington’s character, Broomhilda von Shaft. In this article, we will explore whether or not DiCaprio really wiped his blood on Washington’s face and the implications of this scene.

The Controversial Scene

In the scene in question, Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) becomes angry during a conversation with Django (played by Jamie Foxx) and slams his hand onto a table, shattering a glass. As a result, he cuts his hand deeply. Despite the injury, DiCaprio continues to deliver his lines and even smears his own blood on Kerry Washington’s face during an intense moment.

This shocking act is meant to emphasize the brutality and sadism of Calvin Candie. It showcases the dehumanization that enslaved people like Broomhilda experienced at the hands of their oppressors.

The Realism of the Scene

While it may be uncomfortable to watch, it is important to remember that Django Unchained is a work of fiction. The scene was carefully crafted by Tarantino to evoke strong emotions in the audience and shed light on the horrors of slavery.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Kerry Washington confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio did indeed cut his hand accidentally while filming that particular scene. She also mentioned that despite the injury, DiCaprio remained in character and continued with the scene.

The Use of Real Blood

In order to make the scene as realistic as possible, Tarantino decided to keep the shot where DiCaprio genuinely cut his hand and smeared his blood on Washington’s face. This decision added an extra layer of authenticity to the already intense moment.

However, it is important to note that the use of real blood in movies is not uncommon. Many filmmakers often incorporate practical effects and real elements to enhance the realism of a scene.

The Impact of the Scene

The controversial scene in Django Unchained sparked debates among viewers and critics alike. Some praised Tarantino’s commitment to portraying the brutal reality of slavery, while others criticized the scene for its graphic nature.

Regardless of opinions on the scene, it undeniably served as a powerful reminder of the atrocities faced by enslaved people throughout history. It shed light on the dehumanization and violence that were an intrinsic part of that era.

Discussion on Consent

Given that DiCaprio’s injury was accidental, it is important to acknowledge that consent was not explicitly given for him to wipe his blood on Washington’s face. Consent is a crucial aspect when it comes to filming potentially harmful or uncomfortable scenes. However, as both actors remained professional and continued with the scene despite the unexpected turn of events, it can be assumed that they were comfortable with proceeding.

In Conclusion

The scene in Django Unchained where Leonardo DiCaprio wipes his blood on Kerry Washington’s face is indeed a real moment captured during filming. It serves as a powerful depiction of slavery’s brutality and adds an extra layer of realism to an already intense film.

While some may view this scene as controversial or graphic, its purpose is to shed light on historical atrocities and generate discussions about consent in filmmaking. Quentin Tarantino’s decision to include this moment ultimately contributes to making Django Unchained a thought-provoking and impactful film.