Did Leonardo DiCaprio Really Eat a Raw Fish in the Revenant?

Did Leonardo DiCaprio Really Eat a Raw Fish in the Revenant?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in the 2015 film “The Revenant” is widely regarded as one of his most impressive. The movie is known for its intense and brutal scenes, as well as DiCaprio’s commitment to his role, which included enduring extreme physical conditions. One particular scene that caught the audience’s attention was when DiCaprio’s character, Hugh Glass, eats a raw fish.

The Raw Fish Scene

In “The Revenant,” there is a scene where Hugh Glass, while surviving in the wilderness, catches a fish and consumes it raw. This moment has sparked much debate among viewers: Did Leonardo DiCaprio actually eat a raw fish for real?

The Reality of the Scene

The answer is both yes and no. While it is true that Leonardo DiCaprio did consume an actual raw fish during filming, it wasn’t exactly as it seemed on screen.

Special Effects

The filmmakers utilized special effects to create a realistic-looking raw fish for the scene. The prop department carefully crafted a fish made from silicone and other materials that mimic the appearance and texture of a real fish.

Food Safety Regulations

For health and safety reasons, it is uncommon for actors to consume actual raw food on set. There are strict regulations regarding food safety in the film industry to avoid any potential risks or complications that could arise from consuming uncooked food.

DiCaprio’s Dedication to Authenticity

Although he didn’t eat an actual raw fish, Leonardo DiCaprio demonstrated his dedication to authenticity by committing himself fully to the role. He wanted to accurately portray the hardships and challenges faced by his character, including the desperation for sustenance in a harsh environment.

Physical Transformation

To prepare for “The Revenant,” DiCaprio underwent a grueling physical transformation. He lost weight, grew a beard, and immersed himself in the freezing cold conditions of the shooting locations. This commitment helped him deliver a convincing and realistic performance.

The Power of Visual Effects

While Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t actually consume a real raw fish, the power of visual effects made it seem incredibly authentic on screen. The combination of skillful acting, realistic props, and expert editing created a scene that left audiences in awe.


So no, Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t eat a real raw fish in “The Revenant.” However, his dedication to the role and the use of special effects contributed to making that particular scene memorable and visually engaging. It stands as a testament to DiCaprio’s commitment as an actor and the collaborative efforts of the entire filmmaking team.