Did Leonardo DiCaprio Make a Documentary?

Did Leonardo DiCaprio Make a Documentary?

In recent years, Leonardo DiCaprio has not only established himself as one of the finest actors of his generation but also as a passionate environmental activist. Known for his dedication to raising awareness about climate change and environmental issues, many people wonder if he has ever ventured into the world of documentary filmmaking.

Let’s explore whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio has made a documentary.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Environmental Activism

Before delving into the question of whether Leonardo DiCaprio has made a documentary, it is essential to understand his extensive involvement in environmental activism. For years, he has been an outspoken advocate for various environmental causes and has used his celebrity status to amplify these important messages.

Through the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), which he established in 1998, DiCaprio has funded numerous projects focused on wildlife conservation, renewable energy, and forest preservation. His efforts have earned him recognition and respect within the environmental community.

The Documentary: “Before the Flood”

In 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio co-produced and starred in a groundbreaking documentary titled “Before the Flood.” Directed by Fisher Stevens, this powerful film explores the devastating effects of climate change on our planet and provides insights into potential solutions.

“Before the Flood” takes viewers on a global journey as DiCaprio meets with scientists, politicians, and activists to witness firsthand the consequences of our actions on Earth’s ecosystems. The film highlights critical issues such as deforestation, ocean acidification, and rising global temperatures.

By incorporating stunning visuals from around the world and compelling interviews with experts like Elon Musk and Barack Obama, “Before the Flood” presents a comprehensive overview of the environmental challenges we face today. DiCaprio’s passion for the subject matter shines through his narration, making it an engaging and thought-provoking documentary.

Impact and Recognition

“Before the Flood” received widespread acclaim for its informative content, compelling storytelling, and DiCaprio’s dedication to the cause. The documentary premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was later released globally, reaching millions of viewers.

It is worth mentioning that “Before the Flood” was not Leonardo DiCaprio’s first foray into environmental documentaries. In 2007, he narrated another noteworthy documentary called “The 11th Hour,” which focused on similar themes of climate change and sustainability.


While Leonardo DiCaprio may be primarily known for his exceptional acting skills, his passion for environmental activism extends beyond his on-screen performances. Through powerful documentaries like “Before the Flood,” he has effectively used his platform to educate and inspire individuals worldwide to take action against climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dedication to raising awareness about environmental issues demonstrates that even celebrities can make a significant impact in addressing global challenges. So next time you come across “Before the Flood,” remember that it is not just an ordinary documentary; it is a testament to one man’s commitment to preserving our planet for future generations.