Did Kehlani and Zendaya Go to School Together?

Did Kehlani and Zendaya Go to School Together?

When it comes to celebrity friendships, fans are always curious about how their favorite stars met and whether they share any common background. One such question that often pops up is whether Kehlani and Zendaya went to school together. Let’s dive into this topic and find out the truth!

The Early Years

Kehlani Parrish, known professionally as Kehlani, was born on April 24, 1995, in Oakland, California. She grew up in a musical household and started singing at a young age.

On the other hand, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, known simply as Zendaya, was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland as well. Both artists hail from the same city but were they also classmates?

Kehlani’s Education

Kehlani attended Oakland School for the Arts (OSA), a public charter school located in downtown Oakland. OSA is renowned for its diverse arts programs that include dance, theater, visual arts, and of course, music. While at OSA, Kehlani honed her musical talents and connected with like-minded individuals who shared her passion for creativity.

Zendaya’s Education

Zendaya attended the California Shakespeare Theater (Cal Shakes) Conservatory Program in Orinda during her early years. Later on, she pursued homeschooling to accommodate her busy acting career.

The Connection?

Now that we know about their educational backgrounds let’s address the burning question: Did Kehlani and Zendaya go to school together? Unfortunately for fans hoping for a connection between these two talented artists during their school years in Oakland – the answer is no.

Despite both growing up in Oakland, Kehlani and Zendaya attended different schools. While Kehlani was at OSA, Zendaya was pursuing her education elsewhere. However, this doesn’t mean that their paths haven’t crossed later in life or that they can’t be friends outside of their school days.

Friendship Beyond School

Although Kehlani and Zendaya did not attend the same school, they have shown support for each other publicly. Both artists have expressed admiration for one another’s talents on various occasions through social media posts and interviews.

It’s important to remember that friendships can form outside of school, especially in the entertainment industry where artists often collaborate and build connections regardless of their educational backgrounds.

In Conclusion

While Kehlani and Zendaya did not go to school together, they share a mutual respect for each other’s work. The power of friendship goes beyond educational institutions, and these two talented individuals prove that connections can be made anywhere.

So, there you have it – the truth about whether Kehlani and Zendaya went to school together. Although they pursued their education at different institutions, both artists continue to make waves in their respective careers while supporting each other along the way.