Did Kanye West Sample Homecoming?

Did Kanye West Sample Homecoming?

Kanye West is known for his innovative and boundary-pushing approach to music production. Throughout his career, he has frequently sampled various songs to create unique and captivating tracks.

One song that has often been a topic of discussion among fans and critics is “Homecoming,” which features Chris Martin of Coldplay. Many have speculated whether or not Kanye West sampled another artist’s work for this iconic track.


“Homecoming” was released in 2008 as part of Kanye West’s album “Graduation.” The song features Chris Martin on the chorus, adding a melodic touch to the track.

It quickly became a fan favorite and received critical acclaim for its catchy hooks and introspective lyrics.

The Controversy

Rumors began circulating that Kanye West had sampled a song called “Home” by the artist Tony Williams for his track “Homecoming.” The speculation intensified when it was discovered that Tony Williams had previously collaborated with Kanye on other projects.

Fans eagerly compared the two songs, searching for similarities in melody or lyrics.

However, after careful analysis, it was concluded that Kanye West did not sample Tony Williams’ “Home” for “Homecoming.” While both songs share the word “home” in their titles, they are musically distinct from each other.

Kanye’s track showcases his signature production style, incorporating various elements such as soulful samples and intricate drum patterns.

The Sampled Song

Although “Homecoming” does not sample Tony Williams’ work directly, it does contain a sample from another artist. The track incorporates elements from the song “The Way I Feel Inside” by The Zombies.

This sample adds an additional layer of depth and nostalgia to the track, complementing Kanye’s introspective lyrics about his hometown of Chicago.

The Importance of Sampling

Sampling has been a fundamental aspect of hip-hop and music production for decades. It allows artists to pay homage to their musical influences and create unique sounds by repurposing existing recordings.

Kanye West is renowned for his ability to blend disparate samples into cohesive compositions, often transforming them into something entirely new.

In the case of “Homecoming,” the sample from The Zombies’ song adds a familiar yet fresh element to the track. It showcases Kanye West’s talent for seamlessly incorporating different musical elements while still maintaining his distinctive style.


While there was initially speculation about Kanye West sampling Tony Williams’ “Home” for his track “Homecoming,” it has been determined that this is not the case. However, “Homecoming” does incorporate a sample from The Zombies’ song “The Way I Feel Inside.”

This example highlights the importance of sampling in music production and demonstrates Kanye West’s ability to create innovative tracks that resonate with listeners.