Did Emma Stone Ever Date Andrew Garfield?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, two of Hollywood’s most talented actors, captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their on-screen chemistry in “The Amazing Spider-Man” film series. Their portrayals of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy were so convincing that rumors began to swirl about a potential off-screen romance.

So, did Emma Stone ever date Andrew Garfield? Let’s dive into the details.

Their First Meeting

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield first crossed paths while filming “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 2010. The initial spark between the two was palpable, and their undeniable on-screen connection translated into a strong friendship behind the scenes.

Blossoming Romance

As time went on, it became clear to many that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship had evolved from mere friendship to something more romantic. Their red carpet appearances were filled with stolen glances, inside jokes, and an evident closeness that fueled speculation about their off-screen status.

Rumors reached their peak in 2011 when photography enthusiasts caught Emma and Andrew sharing a sweet kiss while strolling through New York City. This candid moment sent fans into a frenzy, solidifying their belief that the duo was indeed an item.

The Confirmation

Although Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield preferred to keep their personal lives private, they eventually confirmed their relationship during an interview with MTV News in 2012. When asked about their chemistry on set and if it had translated into real-life romance, they coyly admitted to dating but avoided divulging too many details.

A Rocky Road

Unfortunately for fans of this beloved Hollywood couple, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s relationship hit some bumps along the way. Busy work schedules often kept them apart for extended periods, leading to rumors of a possible breakup. However, the couple always managed to find their way back to each other.

In 2015, after nearly four years of dating, news broke that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had decided to take a break due to conflicting work commitments. Despite this setback, they remained supportive of one another and continued to speak highly of each other in interviews.

The End of an Era

In 2018, it was confirmed that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had officially called it quits. While the news saddened fans around the world, both actors maintained a respectful silence regarding the specifics of their breakup.

Even though they are no longer a couple, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have remained friends. They often speak fondly of each other in interviews and have been spotted together at various industry events.

Professional Collaborations

Post-breakup, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have shown remarkable professionalism by continuing to collaborate on projects without letting their personal history interfere with their work. They starred together once again in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and have publicly expressed admiration for each other’s acting skills.


In conclusion, yes, Emma Stone did date Andrew Garfield. Their love story may not have had the fairytale ending many had hoped for, but their undeniable chemistry both on and off screen will forever remain in the hearts of fans. As two immensely talented actors, we can only hope that they continue to grace us with their exceptional performances individually or perhaps even reconnect in the future.