Did Emily Blunt Sing in My Little Pony?

Did Emily Blunt Sing in My Little Pony?


The animated movie “My Little Pony: The Movie” was released in 2017 and featured a star-studded voice cast. One of the notable names associated with the film is Emily Blunt, known for her exceptional acting skills.

However, the question remains: Did Emily Blunt lend her voice to a singing role in the movie? Let’s find out!

The Role of Emily Blunt:

In “My Little Pony: The Movie,” Emily Blunt provided her voice for the character Tempest Shadow, a unicorn with a broken horn. Tempest Shadow plays a pivotal role in the story as an antagonist turned protagonist.

While Emily Blunt beautifully portrays the character through her voice acting, she does not showcase her singing talents in this particular film.

Vocal Talents in “My Little Pony: The Movie”:

While Emily Blunt may not have showcased her singing abilities in “My Little Pony: The Movie,” there are plenty of talented performers who did lend their voices to the musical numbers.

The Mane Six:

  • Twilight Sparkle – Voiced by Tara Strong
  • Rainbow Dash – Voiced by Ashleigh Ball
  • Pinkie Pie – Voiced by Andrea Libman
  • Rarity – Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain
  • Applejack – Voiced by Ashleigh Ball
  • Fluttershy – Voiced by Andrea Libman

Other Notable Voice Cast Members:

  • Songbird Serenade – Voiced by Sia
  • Princess Skystar – Voiced by Kristin Chenoweth
  • Capper – Voiced by Taye Diggs
  • Grubber – Voiced by Michael Peña


While Emily Blunt delivers an outstanding voice performance as Tempest Shadow in “My Little Pony: The Movie,” she does not have a singing role in the film. However, fans of both Emily Blunt and My Little Pony can still enjoy her incredible acting skills and the musical performances of the talented cast members who did lend their voices to the memorable songs throughout the movie.