Did Cardi B Steal Kodak Black?

Cardi B and Kodak Black are both highly successful and influential artists in the rap industry. Recently, there have been rumors circulating about Cardi B allegedly stealing Kodak Black’s flow and style. Let’s delve into this controversy and examine the evidence to determine if these claims hold any merit.

The Allegations

The allegations against Cardi B suggest that she plagiarized Kodak Black’s unique rap style, including his flow, delivery, and lyrical content. These claims have sparked heated debates among fans and critics alike.

Comparing Flows

To assess whether Cardi B indeed stole Kodak Black’s flow, let’s closely examine their respective rap styles.

Kodak Black

  • Flow: Kodak Black is known for his distinctive flow characterized by a melodic cadence combined with gritty lyrics.
  • Lyrical Content: His lyrics often touch upon personal struggles, street life, and introspective themes.
  • Delivery: Kodak Black’s delivery is often laid-back yet intense, providing a unique contrast.

Cardi B

  • Flow: Cardi B has her own distinct flow that sets her apart from other artists. She incorporates a mix of aggressive rhymes with catchy melodies.
  • Lyrical Content: Her lyrics often explore themes such as empowerment, success, and female independence.
  • Delivery: Cardi B delivers her verses with energy and confidence, giving her own signature style to each track.

While some similarities can be found between their flows, it is essential to acknowledge that artists often draw inspiration from various sources and develop their unique styles over time. It is plausible that Cardi B’s flow has been influenced by Kodak Black, but it is crucial to remember that influence and imitation are not the same.

The Impact of Influences

In the music industry, artists frequently draw inspiration from their predecessors and contemporaries. It is common for musicians to be influenced by different styles and incorporate them into their own work. This process allows for artistic growth and evolution.

Moreover, the exchange of ideas and sounds between artists is a fundamental aspect of music culture. It stimulates creativity and pushes boundaries, leading to the development of new genres and subgenres. Therefore, accusing an artist of stealing solely based on influences can be an oversimplification of the creative process.

The Artistic Journey

Every artist embarks on a personal artistic journey, exploring various styles, experimenting with different techniques, and refining their craft along the way. This journey often involves borrowing elements from other artists as a means of inspiration.

Cardi B’s rise to stardom has been characterized by her unique style and unapologetic attitude. While she may have drawn influence from Kodak Black or other artists, it is essential to recognize her individuality as an artist who has shaped her own path in the industry.


In conclusion, while accusations have been made regarding Cardi B stealing Kodak Black’s style, it is important to consider that influences are part of the creative process in music. Artists constantly build upon existing ideas while adding their unique touch.

While Cardi B may have been inspired by Kodak Black or other rap artists in her journey, she has undoubtedly carved out her distinctive style in the rap scene. It is crucial to acknowledge her individuality and artistic growth instead of reducing her success to mere theft.

It is essential for fans and critics alike to appreciate the diverse influences that contribute to an artist’s development without jumping to conclusions. Ultimately, the music industry thrives on innovation, creativity, and the exchange of ideas, allowing artists to continually push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.