Did Cardi B Have a Baby?

Did Cardi B Have a Baby? Let’s find out!


Cardi B, the popular American rapper, has been making headlines for her music and personal life. One question that many fans have been asking is whether Cardi B has had a baby.

In this article, we will explore the rumors and provide you with the latest updates on Cardi B’s motherhood journey.

Rumors and Speculations

Over the past few months, there have been numerous rumors and speculations surrounding Cardi B’s pregnancy. Fans noticed that she often wore loose-fitting clothes or strategically placed accessories to hide her belly during public appearances.

This further fueled the rumors about her being pregnant.

Additionally, Cardi B herself dropped hints about potentially becoming a mother in interviews and on social media platforms. However, she kept her fans guessing by neither confirming nor denying the speculations.

The Big Reveal

Finally, in April 2018, Cardi B put an end to all the rumors during a performance on Saturday Night Live. She took to the stage wearing a figure-hugging white dress that clearly showcased her baby bump.

The audience erupted in cheers as she confirmed her pregnancy by proudly cradling her belly.

Since then, Cardi B has been open about sharing updates on her journey to motherhood with her fans on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Life as a Mother

Cardi B gave birth to her daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus on July 10, 2018. Following Kulture’s birth, Cardi B took some time off from her music career to focus on being a mother.

She often shares adorable pictures and videos of her daughter, giving fans a glimpse into her life as a new mom.


In conclusion, Cardi B did indeed have a baby. After months of rumors and speculations, she confirmed her pregnancy during a memorable performance on Saturday Night Live.

Since then, Cardi B has embraced motherhood and regularly shares updates about her daughter with her fans. As she continues to juggle her music career and being a mom, it is clear that Cardi B is enjoying every moment of this new chapter in her life.