Did Cardi B and Offset Get Married Yet?

Did Cardi B and Offset Get Married Yet?

Cardi B and Offset, two popular figures in the music industry, have been a subject of intense speculation when it comes to their marital status. Fans and media outlets have been eagerly trying to uncover the truth – are they married or not? Let’s dive into this topic and find out what the latest developments are.

The Engagement

In October 2017, Offset, a member of the rap group Migos, got down on one knee during a concert in Philadelphia and proposed to Cardi B. The surprise proposal took place in front of thousands of fans, making it a memorable moment for both artists and their followers.

Cardi B enthusiastically accepted the proposal, expressing her excitement on social media platforms. The couple’s engagement quickly became the talk of the town, garnering immense attention from fans and media alike.

The Secret Marriage

In June 2018, Cardi B confirmed rumors that she and Offset had secretly tied the knot months before their public engagement. She revealed this surprising news through an Instagram post where she referred to Offset as her husband.

This revelation left fans in awe as they had no inkling that a wedding had taken place. It seemed that Cardi B and Offset had managed to keep their marriage under wraps successfully.

The Separation

Unfortunately, not long after their secret wedding was revealed, rumors started circulating about infidelity within their relationship. There were allegations made against Offset for being unfaithful to Cardi B.

  • Public Apology: In December 2018, Offset publicly apologized to his wife on social media platforms for his behavior and expressed his desire to win her back.
  • Temporary Split: Despite his apology, Cardi B announced their separation in December 2018. She stated that they had grown apart and decided to go their separate ways.
  • Reconciliation: However, the couple did not stay separated for long. In early 2019, Cardi B confirmed that she and Offset had reconciled and were working on rebuilding their relationship.

The Present Situation

As of now, Cardi B and Offset are still together. They have continued to make public appearances together, sparking rumors that their marriage is back on track.

In conclusion, Cardi B and Offset initially got engaged in a very public manner. Later, they surprised everyone by revealing that they had secretly married before their official engagement. Despite facing challenges in their relationship, the couple has managed to reconcile and is currently working on strengthening their bond.

While there have been no official announcements regarding a divorce or a subsequent wedding ceremony, fans are eagerly waiting to see what the future holds for this dynamic duo.