Can Kanye West Actually Walk on Water?

Can Kanye West Actually Walk on Water?

Myth or Reality

Kanye West is no stranger to making headlines and causing controversy. From his outspoken personality to his extravagant lifestyle, he has always managed to capture the attention of the public.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media showing Kanye West seemingly walking on water during one of his Sunday Service events. This incredible feat left many wondering – can Kanye West actually walk on water?

The Video

The video that went viral showed Kanye West standing on a platform in the middle of a lake, surrounded by a choir. As he confidently stepped onto the water’s surface and walked towards the shore, it appeared as though he was defying the laws of physics.

But was it real?

The Explanation

While it may be tempting to believe that Kanye West possesses supernatural abilities, there is a more logical explanation for this extraordinary spectacle. The platform on which he stood was not actually submerged in water but cleverly designed to give the illusion of walking on water.

The science behind it:

  • The platform was made from clear plexiglass or a similar material that is transparent when submerged in water.
  • By strategically placing the platform just below the water’s surface, it created an optical illusion that made it appear as though Kanye West was walking on water.
  • Combined with careful camera angles and lighting techniques, this illusion was further enhanced.

The Purpose

Kanye West is known for his grandiose performances and artistic visions. The purpose behind this visually stunning display may be purely artistic expression or a metaphorical representation of his spiritual journey.

Whatever the intention may be, it undoubtedly captivated audiences and sparked conversations.

Final Thoughts

While Kanye West may not possess the ability to walk on water in a literal sense, his ability to create awe-inspiring moments through the combination of art and technology is undeniable. This event serves as a reminder of the power of visuals and how they can shape our perception.

In conclusion, no, Kanye West cannot actually walk on water. But he can certainly make us believe that he can through the clever use of illusions and visual effects.

So next time you see a viral video that seems too good to be true, remember to question what lies beneath the surface.