Are Offset and Cardi B Wedding?

Are Offset and Cardi B Wedding?

Offset and Cardi B, two prominent figures in the music industry, have been the center of attention since their relationship began. Fans and media outlets have been eagerly anticipating news of their wedding.

So, are Offset and Cardi B married? Let’s dive into the details.

Public Proposal

In October 2017, during a live performance, Offset went down on one knee and proposed to Cardi B in front of a packed crowd. The audience erupted with excitement as Cardi B said “yes” to his proposal. It was a grand gesture that captured the hearts of many.

The Secret Marriage

While fans were still basking in the glow of their engagement, rumors started swirling about a secret wedding between the couple. In June 2018, TMZ revealed that Offset and Cardi B had actually gotten married months before their public proposal.

The couple tied the knot in September 2017, making their marriage official a month before Offset’s extravagant proposal. This revelation shocked many fans who had assumed that they were still engaged.

Keeping It Low-Key

The decision to keep their marriage under wraps was intentional. Offset and Cardi B wanted to enjoy their union privately without too much media scrutiny. They managed to keep it a secret for almost a year.

Social Media Confirmation

In June 2018, after TMZ broke the news about their secret marriage, Cardi B took to social media to confirm it herself. She posted an Instagram note explaining why they chose to keep it private for so long.

“There are moments that I want to keep for myself! Getting married was one of those moments.. Our relationship was so new breaking up and making up, and we had a lot of growing to do, but we were so in love, we didn’t want to lose each other.”

This heartfelt message from Cardi B shed light on their decision to keep their marriage a secret. It also showed the world that their love was real and strong.

The Extravagant Proposal Ring

Offset’s proposal to Cardi B wasn’t just memorable for its public nature. He also presented her with an extravagant engagement ring.

The ring featured an 8-carat diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. It was a stunning piece of jewelry that symbolized their love and commitment.

The Wedding That Never Happened

Despite being secretly married for almost a year, Offset and Cardi B never had a formal wedding ceremony. They decided not to plan a big wedding due to their busy schedules and the desire to keep things low-key.

Focusing on Family

Instead of having a wedding ceremony, Offset and Cardi B prioritized starting a family together. In July 2018, they welcomed their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus into the world. This further solidified their commitment to each other as they embraced parenthood.

A Future Wedding?

While they may not have had a traditional wedding ceremony yet, both Offset and Cardi B have expressed interest in having one in the future. They want the opportunity to celebrate their love with friends and family in a grand way.

  • Offset has mentioned wanting a big wedding on multiple occasions.
  • Cardi B has also expressed her desire for an extravagant wedding celebration.

So, while Offset and Cardi B are already married, there may still be a chance for fans to witness a lavish wedding ceremony in the future.

In Conclusion

Offset and Cardi B surprised everyone with their secret marriage, which happened before their public proposal. They decided to keep it private to enjoy their union away from the media spotlight.

Although they have not had a formal wedding ceremony yet, both artists have expressed their desire to celebrate their love in the future. Whether or not there will be a grand wedding, only time will tell.