Are Normani and Nicki Minaj Still Friends?

Are Normani and Nicki Minaj Still Friends?

In the world of showbiz, friendships often come and go. The same can be said about the bond between Normani and Nicki Minaj.

These two talented artists have had their fair share of collaborations, but are they still friends? Let’s dive deeper into their relationship and find out.

The Beginnings

Normani and Nicki Minaj first crossed paths in 2018 when they collaborated on the hit song “MotorSport” alongside Migos. The track was a massive success, reaching the top charts worldwide. Fans were thrilled to see these two powerhouses come together, and it seemed like a friendship was brewing.

A Solid Friendship

Following “MotorSport,” Normani and Nicki Minaj continued to support each other publicly. They frequently praised one another in interviews and on social media, showcasing their genuine admiration for each other’s talent. Their friendship appeared to be strong, with many speculating that more collaborations were on the horizon.

The ‘Sweetener’ Tour

In 2019, Normani joined Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ tour as an opening act. This presented an opportunity for her to bond with fellow tourmate Nicki Minaj even further. The two performed together on stage during select shows, captivating audiences with their electrifying energy.

  • Nicki Minaj shared a heartfelt post on Instagram expressing her love and support for Normani during the tour.
  • Normani reciprocated the affection by posting pictures of them together backstage with heartwarming captions.

Rumors of Discord

However, as time went on, rumors started circulating about possible tensions between Normani and Nicki Minaj. Some fans speculated that a disagreement had occurred, causing a rift in their friendship. These rumors intensified when Normani made a cryptic comment during an interview, hinting at unresolved issues.

A Clearing of the Air

To set the record straight, both artists took to social media to address the rumors. Normani posted a message on Twitter, emphasizing that she and Nicki Minaj were still friends despite any misunderstandings. She urged fans not to believe everything they read or hear without confirmation from the sources themselves.

Nicki Minaj also stepped in and shared her support for Normani’s statement. She tweeted that there was no bad blood between them and expressed her excitement for future collaborations. The duo made it clear that their friendship remained intact.

The Future

As of now, Normani and Nicki Minaj have not collaborated on any new music since “MotorSport.” However, both artists have hinted at potential future projects together. Fans eagerly await new releases from these talented performers and hope to see their friendship continue to flourish.

In conclusion, while there may have been some rumors of discord between them, Normani and Nicki Minaj have made it clear that they are still friends. Their bond began during the creation of “MotorSport” and has only grown stronger over time. As fans, we can look forward to more collaborations and witness the magic these two powerhouses create together.