Are Hunter Schafer and Zendaya Friends?

Are Hunter Schafer and Zendaya Friends?

When it comes to the world of Hollywood friendships, fans are always curious to know who their favorite celebrities hang out with. One question that often pops up is whether Hunter Schafer and Zendaya are friends. Let’s dive into this topic and find out!

The Beginnings of Their Friendship

Hunter Schafer and Zendaya first crossed paths on the set of the hit HBO series “Euphoria.” Both actresses played prominent roles in the show, with Hunter portraying Jules Vaughn and Zendaya taking on the lead role of Rue Bennett. The intense scenes they filmed together helped them develop a bond that extended beyond their characters.

Bold text: It’s no secret that Hunter Schafer and Zendaya share a special bond both on-screen and off-screen.

Shared Experiences

Both Hunter Schafer and Zendaya have spoken openly about their shared experiences while working on “Euphoria.” In interviews, they have discussed how they leaned on each other for support during challenging scenes and how they valued each other’s input. This camaraderie undoubtedly contributed to the success of their performances.

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They quickly became friends off-set as well, often seen hanging out together at events and award shows.

Beyond “Euphoria”

The friendship between Hunter Schafer and Zendaya didn’t end with the conclusion of “Euphoria” season one. They continue to support each other’s projects, often promoting them on social media platforms like Instagram.

  • List item 1: In 2020, Hunter attended the virtual premiere of Zendaya’s film “Malcolm & Marie,” expressing her excitement and pride for her friend’s work.
  • List item 2: Similarly, Zendaya showed her support for Hunter’s modeling career, sharing photos from her fashion campaigns and expressing admiration for her talent.

Public Appearances

Hunter Schafer and Zendaya have made several public appearances together, further solidifying their friendship. They have been spotted attending events like the Met Gala and various award shows, often posing together on the red carpet.

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Their genuine smiles and evident comfort in each other’s presence speak volumes about the strength of their friendship.


In conclusion, Hunter Schafer and Zendaya are undoubtedly friends. Their shared experiences on the set of “Euphoria” brought them closer together, and their bond has only grown stronger since then. While they may have busy schedules and individual projects to focus on, it is clear that they continue to support one another both personally and professionally.

Bold text: Fans can look forward to seeing more of this dynamic duo in the future!