Are HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B Still Friends?

Are HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B Still Friends?


HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B are two prominent figures in the music industry who have both made waves with their unique styles and catchy songs. They both rose to fame around the same time and collaborated on a few tracks that became instant hits.

However, as time has passed, fans have been wondering if they are still friends or if their friendship has fizzled out. Let’s dive deeper into this topic to find out!

Their Early Friendship:

Back in the early days of their careers, HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B were often seen together at events and parties, supporting each other’s music endeavors. They would often post pictures on social media, showcasing their strong bond as friends and fellow artists.

The Collaborations:

One of the most memorable collaborations between HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B was on the remix of “Island Girls.” This song became an instant hit and solidified their friendship in the eyes of fans. Their chemistry was evident in the music video, where they appeared to be having a great time together.

The Shift:

However, as both artists gained more fame and started working on individual projects, their paths began to diverge. Cardi B’s rise to superstardom with her debut album “Invasion of Privacy” catapulted her into a different league, while HoodCelebrityy continued to work on building her own brand.

The Rumors:

In recent years, there have been rumors circulating about a potential fallout between HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B. Some sources claim that there was tension between them due to professional differences, while others speculate that their busy schedules made it difficult for them to maintain a close friendship.

The Truth:

Despite the rumors, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B are no longer friends. Both artists have remained relatively tight-lipped about their relationship in recent years, focusing more on their individual careers.

The Present:

While they may not be as publicly vocal about their friendship as they once were, HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B continue to support each other’s work from afar. They often interact on social media by liking and commenting on each other’s posts, showing that there is still a level of mutual respect between them.


In conclusion, the question of whether HoodCelebrityy and Cardi B are still friends remains unanswered. While they may not be as inseparable as they once were, it’s clear that there is still a connection between them.

As with any friendship, people grow and evolve over time, but that doesn’t mean the bond is completely broken. Only time will tell if they will collaborate again or publicly address their friendship in the future.