Are Ariana and Nicki Minaj Still Friends?

Are Ariana and Nicki Minaj Still Friends?

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have collaborated on numerous hit songs together, including “Side to Side” and “Bang Bang.” Their powerful voices and undeniable chemistry have made them a fan-favorite duo in the music industry. However, fans have been wondering, are Ariana and Nicki Minaj still friends?

The Beginning of their Friendship

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj first crossed paths back in 2014 when they collaborated on the hit single “Bang Bang” alongside Jessie J. This collaboration not only showcased their incredible vocal abilities but also marked the beginning of a strong friendship.

From interviews to award show performances, Ariana and Nicki were often seen supporting each other both musically and personally. Their friendship quickly became evident through their social media interactions, where they would praise each other’s talents and show public displays of support.

Their Collaboration on “Side to Side”

In 2016, Ariana Grande released her third studio album, “Dangerous Woman,” which featured the song “Side to Side” with Nicki Minaj. This collaboration became an instant hit among fans worldwide.

The music video for “Side to Side” showcased both Ariana and Nicki’s fierce personalities while highlighting their close bond. The two artists appeared alongside each other throughout the video, further solidifying their friendship.

Recent Rumors

However, as with any high-profile friendship, rumors started circulating about a possible falling out between Ariana and Nicki Minaj. These rumors were fueled by various tabloids speculating on behind-the-scenes drama.

  • Bold text: Rumor #1 – Ariana and Nicki had a disagreement during a recording session.
  • Bold text: Rumor #2 – Nicki Minaj unfollowed Ariana Grande on social media.
  • Bold text: Rumor #3 – Ariana and Nicki had a public argument at an industry event.

While it’s impossible to confirm the truth behind these rumors, it’s important to remember that celebrities often face speculation and false information surrounding their friendships. They have both stated in various interviews that they continue to support each other personally and professionally.

Their Continued Support

Despite the rumors, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have continued to collaborate and show support for one another. In recent years, they have released multiple songs together, including “Bed” and “The Light Is Coming.”

Their most recent collaboration, “Rain On Me,” released in 2020 as part of Lady Gaga’s album “Chromatica,” further proved that their friendship is as strong as ever. The song received critical acclaim and topped charts worldwide, solidifying their status as the ultimate dynamic duo.

Ariana’s Birthday Message

In June 2021, Ariana Grande took to social media to celebrate Nicki Minaj’s birthday with a heartfelt post. She shared a series of photos alongside a touching message expressing her love and admiration for Nicki. This public display of affection further silenced any rumors of a falling out between the two artists.

It is evident that despite occasional rumors, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj remain close friends who continue to support each other both personally and professionally.

In conclusion, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s friendship has stood the test of time. Their collaborations, social media interactions, and public displays of support demonstrate that they are still friends. Fans can look forward to more incredible music and performances from this dynamic duo in the future.